A morning at the Lake Waidsee, Weinheim, Germany

waidsee weinheim

When travelling abroad, the best place to select accommodation is to select a town, in between two of your destinations. This way you get to explore a third place which you wouldn’t bother to stop by otherwise. When going from the Black Forest region of Germany to the city of Munich, I did the same. I stayed the night at Weinheim, Germany.

Weinheim, Germany

Weinheim is a small town of Germany nearby the city of Heidelberg. It has some castles, an old synagogue and a Lake called Waidsee. There is also the Miramar next to the lake Waidsee, which is a thermal spa and sauna complex. The town is situated in a valley and has lots of fields, markets, and an exotic forest too.

Waidsee, Weinheim, Germany

I had my accommodation nearby the Waidsee Lake at NH Hotel. In the morning, I woke up to explore it thoroughly. After taking my maps and asking a few directions to the early risers. I made my way through the paths across the fields laden with crops on both sides.

waidsee weinheim
Waidsee, Weinheim

On the way, I also came across the Miramar. And then as I walked past Miramar some twinkling blue towards my left caught my attention. There I was standing across the Lake.

The trail

I picked up a trail that went around the Lake. It was a walk of around 45 minutes. All along the trail were different types of plants and trees. In and around the lake I spotted some birds too.

waidsee weinheim
Waidsee, Weinheim – The Trail

Once in a while, I would meet a stranger. Locals did come to this place for an early morning walk. Many of them smiled at me and uttered ‘Guten Morgen!’


waidsee weinheim
Waidsee, Weinheim – Recreations

There are several hotels and apartments along the Lake Waidsee, Weinheim. Also, the depth of the lake allows for Lake diving. The lake is visited by locals as well as foreign lake water diving enthusiasts. There are benches along one side and also at regular intervals along the trail. On some days raft making competitions are organised here. The Lake is also perfect for rowing in a boat. Needless to say, swimming in the lake is also enjoyable.

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