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Sunrise in Prague – Best viewing point and Biking in Prague

sunrise in prague
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Some people just rave about the nightlife of Prague, that they completely forget about the beauty of mornings. Being a sunrise person, seeing the sunrise in Prague was unquestionably on my list for a long long time. Now the question was about the location. Where would I get the silence and the view at the same time?

If you think this is just another post of Charles Bridge Sunrise in Prague, stop and read over the entire post to find something else altogether. Charles Bridge is the most visited and most touristy place in Prague. Many travel bloggers recommend seeing the Charles Bridge at sunrise. So much that the bridge doesn’t get a minute to breathe. Yes, the Charles Bridge is filled with crazy tourists from the sunrise to the sunset and even after that.

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Detsky Island

For my sunrise in Prague, I headed in a totally different direction – the island of Detsky. There are various high viewing points in the city such as the Petrin Tower or the Astronomical Clock Tower. But I wanted someplace nearby the stunning river Vltava for my sunrise in Prague. So I just choose the nearest island.

Sunrise in Prague
Sunrise in Prague – Detsky Island

Detsky Island is one of the three islands in the Vltava River. It is also known as the Children’s Island, for the fine playground that is located in the centre of the island. The Detsky island is the smallest island in Prague and houses a garden and several restaurants. It is connected to the mainland by a high arched bridge. So that any boats on the water can easily pass underneath. And it is the perfect place to watch the sunrise in Prague in peace.

biking in prague
Sunrise in Prague – Biking in Prague

Biking in Prague

Prague provides a wide variety of transport options. But it also has some fun types like the Segways, the electric scooter by the Hugo bikes, bicycles, etc. The Hugo bike is essentially a cross between a skateboard and a bicycle. It is known as the electric scooter in Prague. The use of these bikes, in the city, had many raised eyebrows among the locals, in the beginning.

Incidentally, my hotel the Vienna Andals had a free bike service. They provided us with this skateboard bicycle, but the only catch was it wasn’t electric. It was manual, meaning an opportunity to burn some calories. All set with this bike I headed over to see the sunrise in Prague. My first time on the bike was completely safe and beautiful. I zoomed down the slopes effortlessly. But going up needed some efforts as the bike was manual.

Sunrise in Prague

The sunrise in Prague is typically around 6.30 am to 7.00 am. A little earlier or a little late as per the seasons. I reached in time to see the Sunrise in Prague. And the Detsky Island was all set to amaze me. There were these great chairs where I could sit and spend my time. All around the horizon were elegant, different coloured buildings. As I took in the morning, some bright white swans raced past me. The golden sunlight made them look even brighter. Some of you might know even better places for sunrise in Prague and to spend the morning.

I had some doubts about the safety of travelling alone by myself, early morning. And also some more doubts about the skateboard bike and safety of biking in Prague. But now I can say I am glad that I did it. It was such a wonderful experience which will be engraved in my heart forever.

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sunrise in prague
Sunrise in Prague

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