One day in Lucerne, Switzerland

one day in lucerne

Lucerne is a small city in the central part of Switzerland. It is built on the banks of the Lucerne Lake, along with the enchanting backdrop of the mighty Alpine mountains. I had a day to spend around this place and these are the three things you must visit in one day in Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne

one day in lucerne
One Day in Lucerne – Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne has the weirdest irregular shape and is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Each part of the lake has a different name. The Lucerne city is based on the banks of this Lake. It is very hard to miss if you are walking through the streets of Lucerne. A walk around the lake is never a waste of time.

You can also row or cruise across the lake. Rowing competitions are held here many times. The dark blue waters tell you the depth, while the constant background of the Alps keep you entertained. The Lake further turns into River Reuss at Lucerne. Keep reading until the end to know where.

Lion Monument

one day in lucerne
One Day in Lucerne – Lion Monument

The Lion Monument was built to acknowledge the sacrifice made by the Swiss guards in the ugly massacre that happened in Paris during the French Revolution. This was a great blow to a nation which has maintained its neutral peaceful status through years and years of wars. And, straight up I have never seen anything so miserable in my life. The mourning Lion is carved into a single stone rock.

When you look carefully, you see there is a knife going through his heart and it holds the shield of Swiss guards in one paw. With the other paw, he protects the Lilies of France. From the top of the mountain rock, a stream of water flows into the pond below. The Lion is beautifully mirrored in the water among the water lilies. The sculpture is enormous, the lion is noble and the place is perfect. This is the kind of place where a lion would die, in a sheltered wood, seated inside a cave.

On top of the sculpture are the words in Latin “HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI” which in English mean “To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss”

The site is accessible without an entry fee. The atmosphere is worth the visit.

Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

one day in lucerne
One day in Lucerne – Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

Chapel Bridge of Lucerne is a wooden pedestrian bridge over the River Reuss. It is apparently the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland. Lined with beautiful flowers on both sides it is indeed a pretty sight.

About two-thirds of the bridge was destroyed in a fire in 1993. It was later reconstructed to what it used to be like. Inside the wooden bridge, below the triangular roof used to be triangular paintings all around the bridge. Many of these paintings got destroyed in the fire. Only 25 could be saved and some of them were later repainted by the local artists. These still hang up inside the Bridge.

Now we come to the Water Tower. The Water Tower of Lucerne is the most photographed place in the whole of Switzerland. No, not the Alps but the Water Tower takes the first place. Water Tower marks the place where Lake Lucerne ends and River Reuss starts. Historically, the Water Tower was used as a dungeon and later as a treasury. Today it is used by a local club and is not open to tourists. However, Chapel Bridge has free entry.

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