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Kas Pathar or Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers in the Western Ghats

Kas Pathar
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The Kas Pathar or Kaas Plateau is a unique place near the city of Satara in Maharashtra. It falls in the well-know region of the Western Ghats of India called the Sahyadri mountain range. The best time to visit Kas Pathar is from August to October depending on monsoon and weather forecasts. During this period of monsoons, the plateau turns into a wonderland of flowers.

How to reach Kas Pathar

If you are starting from Pune/ Mumbai you can easily reach Kas Pathar via the Satara route. Another way to reach Kas Pathar is from Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani. Kas Pathar is just 25 km from Satara, 125 km from Pune and 280 km from Mumbai. To reach Kas Pathar take the highway to Satara and then follow the directions and winding route to Kas Pathar.

Kas Pathar
Kaas Plateau -- How to reach Kas Pathar

The drive from Satara to Kas Pathar is also very scenic. There are these yellow flower landscapes on the way. The road goes right in the centre and these yellow flowers are on both sides. Then as you go ahead through the winding ghats you can see the backwaters of Tapola on the left side and a Lake on the right side. Make sure to take a few stops along the way. Because sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

Where to stay near Kas Pathar? Find amazing stay options.

Kas Pathar or Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau of Satara is a declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2012. The flowers that bloom here in monsoon are 850 extraordinary species of plants that include orchids and even carnivorous plants. There is some rarely found bio-diversity in this region. Apart from the beautiful flowers, there are various species of butterflies and birds found here too. The flowers and biodiversity found here are restricted to this region only. Kas Pathar or Kaas Plateau is formed by a special volcanic rock. Since it is mainly formed by basalt with an inch of a layer of sand formed due to erosion on top, we are treated with this eye candy of a landscape. The Kas Pathar changes colours in the monsoon. This is due to the typical flowering cycles.

Kas Pathar
Kaas Plateau

There are walkways all around the place for tourists. They have divided the plateau into two parts. One part has many winding walkways. And another is a caged type of a road leading to a small lake. There are these flowers on both the sides of this route. Majority of the plateau has small shrubs or grass-like plants. Moreover, these purple coloured flowers are found here in abundance. This purple sea of flowers makes the whole area fragrant and hazy with purple colours. It is a perfect place for taking pictures but please keep in mind not to ruin the flowers by walking all over them.

Tickets to Kas Pathar

The Kas Pathar has recently faced the burnt of over-tourism. Many species of flora and fauna found here are already endangered. To address this issue the local government has a limit of 3000 people per day for a visit to Kas Pathar. Furthermore, they have 3 timeslots with 1000 people allowed. Personally, I found this also a bit too much. The entry fee is ₹100 per person and we booked the tickets in advance from their official website here. You can also check the current condition of the flowers at the plateau on this site to decide the time of your visit.

Food and Parking at Kas Pathar

You can visit Kas Pathar as a picnic spot with your family or friends. Although there are no food shops at the plateau, you will get some Indian snacks like Kanda Bhaji or Vadapav near the ticket counter. It is best to pack your lunch along with you. You will not find any proper hotels or places selling Lunch here. But there are some places for Lunch near Kaas Lake. More on that in the next point. There is also a parking area here near the ticket counter 1.5 km away from Kas Pathar. You have to park your vehicle here and take the transport provided by them to the Kas Pathar. It will cost another ₹10 per person one way.

Kaas Lake

Kas Pathar
Kaas Plateau -- Kaas Lake

Very near to the Kas Pathar is this beautiful Kaas Lake. The scenery around here cannot be compared with even the alpine lakes from Switzerland. With pristine blue waters from the mountains, this lake will refresh you in seconds. Not to mention the backdrop of green mountains. The water is really silky to touch here. If you visit keep in mind not litter the area or ruin its beauty by throwing your litter around.

Vajrai Waterfall

The road from the Kaas Lake to Vajrai Waterfall is a bit rough one, but there are some signboards along the way. There is also a long route here through the highway. This long route will take one hour drive. There is a place from which you can watch the waters falling noisily into the valley. The valley is full of clouds in monsoon and if they clear up you can see the Vajrai Waterfall.

Kas Pathar
Kaas Plateau -- Vajrai Waterfall

The area around here is not much developed. There are no proper barricades towards the valley. Be careful while you walk towards the valley. It is always good to watch nature’s beauty from a distance. We had to wait here for the clouds to clear so that we could see the waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls all around the mountains here. The revealing clouds uncovered them one by one as we waited and watched. The place is so natural and really peaceful.

Thoseghar Waterfall

Kas Pathar
Kaas Plateau -- Thoseghar Waterfall

About 2 hrs from Satara are the mighty Thoseghar Falls. These have properly developed walkways and viewing points all around. You have to come down from Kas Pathar and take the route to Thoseghar waterfalls from Satara. If you can then fit all these in a one day getaway from the hustle of cities like Pune or Mumbai.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is just 20 km from Kas Pathar. The area is a forested area. Koyna is also a dam and near the back of the backwaters of this dam is Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. But it is necessary to have proper information about the various routes or guide when you go here.

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