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Sinhagad Fort near Pune – Maratha History, Trekking, Camping and Birdwatching

Sinhagad fort Pune
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Sinhagad Fort or the Sinhagad killa is one of the best forts near Pune, for trekking and camping. It is located just 35 km from the main city area of Pune. Read this guide to know everything about Sinhagad Fort, its history and things to do when you reach there.

Sinhgad Fort is a hill fortress near Pune, which is most visited by the youngsters in the city. The Fort was built in such a way as to provide natural protection with the steep rocks on one side and a valley road on another side. Today many people visit the fort for knowing Sinhagad’s history or trekking. More information on Sinhagd Trek route is below.

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Below is my picture at Sinhagad which was clicked before monsoons of 2019.

How to reach Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad Fort is one of the closest forts near Pune. As mentioned earlier Pune to Sinhagad Fort distance is just 35 km, meaning you can reach here within an hour. For public transport, you can take the Pune to Sinhagad Fort bus. The Sinhagad fort bus starts from Shaniwarwada and stops at Appa Balwant Chowk and Swargate. It will take you straight to Sinhagad Paytha. After reaching there you can go up the mountain on foot. If you are coming from Mumbai, then you must take a train from Dadar to Sinhagad Fort Paytha. Or you can take a bus to Sinhagad via Pune.

Alternatively, you can reach straight to the top by a motor road. It is completely safe for cars and bikes too. If you are going to Sinhagad in/on your own vehicle, you just have to take the Sinhagad road from Pune city and stay on it. Make sure to stop at Khadakwasla dam backwaters on the way. When you see a lot of water on your right with some food stalls you will know that its Khadakwasla.

Sinhagad Fort Trek – How to climb Sinhagad Fort?

Sinhagad trek start point is at the Sinhagad Paytha. Although there is a proper motor road all the way to the top, most adventurers, nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts abandon it. Sinhagad trekking route is simple and the difficulty level is easy. The panoramic views along the way are extremely breathtaking. Some of these you will totally miss if you go up in a car or on a bike. The Sinhagad Fort trek distance from the base ie. Sinhagad Paytha is 2.7 km. It will take around 3-4 hours for the amateur climbers. and even less for the trekking pros. There is no better place than this near the city. You must start your trek early in the morning for the excellent views. And you should try out Sinhagad Fort trekking in monsoon for the best experience.

Important Things to Carry

  • Waterproof Backpack: It is most important to have a backpack which means your hands remain free while you climb. Find your the best trekking backpack here.
  • Water bottles and Water Filters: You will need 2-3 litres of water for a single trek. Bring one or two energy drinks too. You can take this water bottle with a filter (that removes bacteria and turbidity from water) if you want to drink water straight from the waterfalls or lakes.
  • Trekking Shoes: Needless to say you will need proper trekking footwear to scale the Sahyadri. Find your the best trekking shoes here
  • Personal Medical Kit: You can take a pain relief spray for just in case and your regular medicines, etc. Do take an insect repellent with you. You will also need a good sunscreen in winters. Check this awesome travel medicine pouch.
  • And your Cameras!

Sinhagad Fort Entry Fee

Entry fee is INR 20 for two-wheelers and INR 50 for Four-wheelers.

The Battle of Sinhagad / Kondana Fort

The Sinhgad Fort of today was earlier known as Kondhana Fort or Kondana Killa. The Sinhagad Fort history (Kondana Fort History) is very interesting and extremely inspiring. On the night 4th of Feb 1670, Tanaji Malusare along with 1000 other Maratha Mavlas set forward to conquer the Kondhana Fort. Chp. Shivaji Maharaj, the Maratha king sent his most trusted commander and soldier Tanaji Malusare on this mission. The objective was to gain back control over Kondhana Fort and the surrounding areas from the Mughals. What followed was an astonishing night of daring adventure.

sinhagad fort pune
Sinhagad fort images – The Battle of Sinhagad

Tanaji Malusare took the steepest route to Kondhana Fort, where some of the rocks are totally perpendicular. This he did to avoid suspicion from the Mughal soldiers controlling the fort. They mounted the rock with the help of a tamed lizard called Yashwanti. They tied her with a rope and started climbing the Kondana fort. After reaching the top a deadly battle ensued between the Mughals and the Marathas. The Marathas won the battle. But the brave commander Tanaji Malusare was injured and he succumbed to his wounds.

Chp. Shivaji Maharaj was saddened by the fact that he is no more and uttered the famous words, “Gad ala pan sinha gela” (meaning we conquered the fort but lost our lion). In order to honour Tanaji’s memory, Chp Shivaji Maharaj renamed it from Kondana Fort to Sinhagad fort. A bust statue of Tanaji Malusare is built on the top of Sinhagad Fort.

Sinhagad Fort Camping

sinhagad fort pune
Sinhagad Pune – Sinhagad Fort Camping

There are various stay options available, to stay atop the Sinhgad Fort. There is an MTDC resort available which is the best way. Alternatively, you can pitch up your tent in the areas where it is permissible. Sinhagad Fort Camping is one of the best options for camping near Pune. Staying on the top of the Sinhagad will provide you with the best views ever. For one thing, you can see the entire Pune city ablaze from the top. You will have the feeling that the whole world is at your feet when you watch that. Another thing to watch out is the stars. Sinhagad Fort Pune is a very well known place for stargazing near Pune. In the morning, you can head over to the east- side of the fort and watch the most mindblowing sunrise.

Where to stay near Sinhagad Fort? Find amazing stay options in Pune here.

Sinhagad Bird Watching

Sinhagad Valley is the best place for bird watching near Pune. The most common sightings include Asian Paradise flycatcher, Verditer flycatcher and the Ultramarine flycatcher. In order to reach the Sinhagad Bird Valley, you have to take the left just at the beginning of the trekking route. Then you will come across a stream. A lot of birds come here for a drink of water. Even if you cannot identify all of them, it is a pleasant sight to watch and hear.

sinhagad fort pune
Sinhgad Pune – Sinhagad Bird Valley – Tickell’s blue flycatcher

It would be best to reach here by 6.00 am or 6.30 am in the morning so that you can see some uncommon birds perching here. You can meet the Crested tree-swifts, white-spotted fantail flycatcher, Black-naped Monarch Flycatcher, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, Black-shouldered kite, Crested Serpent Eagle, Sunbirds, Common tailorbirds and several other species of birds. Enjoy your birding but preserve nature.

The food at Sinhagad Fort

The Sinhagd Fort is also a go-to place for the foodies from Pune city. Sinhagad Dahi is the most famous thing you will find here. It is an organic curd that is made in beautiful small earthen pots by the locals. It is sold along with salt and cumin (jeera) powder or sugar, as per your preference.

Pictured below is that perfect earthen pot of Sinhagad Dahi mixed with Jeera and Salt that I managed to click before eating. In the Backdrop is the Kalyan Darwaza.

There are also various shops that sell the traditional Maratha food items at Sinhagd Fort, Pune. There are various options like Zunka- Bhakar for the Vegetarians and Chicken gravy for the Non-Veg lovers. Additionally, they have various local snacks like Kanda- Bhaji, Palak Bhaji or Vadapav too. If you are thirsty don’t worry. In a variety of drinks, there is Tak (Savoury Buttermilk) or Lassi (Sweet Buttermilk) and of course Lemonades. And if you want water, we have got you covered. There is a sweet water well on the top which gives amazing cool water. There are also various fruits like raw mangoes, tamarinds, amlas, etc laid out by the shop keepers in the most mouthwatering fashion.

Sinhagad Fort FAQ’s

  • How can I go to Sinhagad fort from Pune?
    • You can take the Pune to Sinhagad Fort bus and reach the base, then trek up the hill. Alternatively, you can go by the motor road that takes straight to the top on/in your own vehicle.
  • How far is Sinhagad Fort from Pune?
    • Pune to Sinhagad Fort distance is 35 km.
  • How much time does it take to climb Sinhagad Fort?
    • If you start trekking from the base ie. Sinhagad Paytha, it will take you around 3-4 hours if you are amateur trekker. Even less if you are a pro in trekking.
  • What is Sinhagad Fort trekking distance?
    • The Sinhagad Fort trek distance from the base ie. Sinhagad Paytha is 2.7 km.
  • How can I go to Sinhagad Fort from Mumbai?
    • You can take a train from Mumbai to Sinhagad. Alternatively, the driving distance from Mumbai to Sinhagad is 181 km.
  • Where is Kondana fort?
    • Kondana fort near Pune, in Maharashtra, India. It was renamed in 1670 by Chp. Shivaji Maharaj as Sinhagad Killa. Today it is well known as Sinhagad Fort.
  • Where to stay?

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