Tandem Paragliding in Kamshet, Maharashtra, India

Paragliding in Kamshet

Being a bird comes with so many privileges, but none of them is as good as flying across the sky. (Other privileges been going wherever they want, shitting on anything they don’t like, etc). Regardless, this feeling is not understood by standing on the ground. It has to be felt, by going up in the air. While it isn’t possible to fly quite literally, there are still many options available.

One of them is the experience of Paragliding. For a really long time, I had been putting this off. For concerns regarding my safety and also for not receiving permission from my family. So when finally everyone including me had agreed, I settled on the group called “The Paragliding Mantra” and booked my slot through. Just search through google or DM me on my Instagram account @punerigirltravels for more details. I found this group very good and safety conscious, which gave me an overall better experience.

Paragliding in Kamshet

All overexcited, I headed towards the meeting point at Kamshet. Later, the organisers had organised an SUV to the point where we would do the sport Paragliding. I had taken the slot of 12 noon, but as we reached the Paragliding site at Kamshet called the “Tower Hill” we realized there was no wind. Even though there were satisfying forecasts about it before, nature can change its way at any point in time.

Paragliding is entirely dependent on the wind. Unlike Hot air balloons, which use the gas to power up their way through the sky. Paragliding is essentially gliding on the wind, where the wind would fill up the gliders and take us up for a ride. Several of us waited and watched the solo riders Paragliding their way through the sky. I had booked up for a Tandem experience where an experienced Paraglider, would be with me at all the times.

As we waited for the fog to dissipate, I realized that the natural beauty and flora of the place was stunning. At times I would see a rare butterfly or a beautiful flower, at another time some unusual bird. I was so mesmerized in my thoughts that I didn’t realize it was getting windy again.

One by one we asked to wear the Paragliding gear. We were also given a prep talk by one of the instructors about how we will take off, a little idea on how wind works through the glider, and some other things. We were also told the fact that the paragliding expert coming with us would have a spare parachute in case of emergency landing if anything happens to the Glider.

After wearing all the gear, helmet, goggles and stuff, it was time for some swoosh of Paragliding. My bag was attached to one of the Paragliding experts. Then we ran a few steps together into the wind before jumping off the cliffside.

Paragliding is without any doubt the most surreal experiences of my life. As you go high above, the people below are little black dots. The huge trees look like little green grass. The large fields the size of small matchboxes. It makes you realize how small a part you are in this world. Up there you will experience wild raw nature, the wind and the silence, which has so many answers.

Paragliding in Kamshet
Paragliding in Kamshet

Paragliding in Kamshet is really good as it provides the best environment for beginners. The natural terrain and weather conditions both favour the first-timers. Additionally, from the Tower Hill Paragliding site, you get stunning views of the famous forts Visapur, Lohgad, Torna and Lonavala in distance. Kamshet is 110 km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune, the two major cities in Maharashtra. Going tandem provides complete safety as we are accompanied by experienced professionals in the field.

  • Where: Kamshet, Maharashtra, India
  • When: Best time to experience this is winters (ie. Oct to Jan).Closed in monsoon (ie. Jun to Sept)
  • Cost: It cost me Rs 2,500 in Jan 2018
  • With whom: Paragliding Mantra
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Paragliding Site: Towerhill in Kamshet

Additionally, I also have to mention that these people have a paragliding academy too. Where you can enrol in a course for 2 weeks, where they teach you to fly solo.

All the information mentioned here is my opinion and feelings and this post is not a sponsored post or any ad.

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