The Black Forest, Germany- Things to do in a day

black forest germany

Black Forest, Germany is an alternative destination in Germany, that many don’t think of visiting. It is located in the south-west region of Germany and borders France. Its a place associated with magic, folklore and fairy tales for years.

The Black Forest earns its name from the general dark colour of the tall pine trees and the dark shadows made by them. Although short on time I decided to stop along the way at Hollental, Germany and explore it. Below are the things you must do in a day at the Black Forest.

black forest germany
The Black Forest, Germany

Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory

Many decades ago, clockmaking started in the Black Forest, Germany. These were no ordinary clocks. They had a pendulum controlled mechanism where a typical cuckoo’s call would strike the hours. Whenever an hour was complete the doors would open and out would come the cuckoo bird to tell the time. Such was the beauty of the Cuckoo Clocks that they soon gained popularity all over the world.

Even today the Black Forest region is famous for their clocks. The Black Forest also houses the largest cuckoo clock in the world, which is the size of a house. The Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory is a place in the very heart of Black Forest.

black forest germany
The Black Forest, Germany – Drubba Cuckoo Clock Factory

At the factory, they give a demonstration on the history of cuckoo clocks, how the models progressed through the ages to the Modern-day Cuckoo Clocks. They also give a beautiful insight into how it operates. Then there is the colossal shop, where you can buy the famous Cuckoo Clock as a Souvenir.

Black Forest Gateau (Cake)

The origin of the famous Black Forest Cake is this German Black Forest. Needless to say, it is a must to taste it when you are here. The Black Forest cake gets its name from the speciality liquor of Black forest made from tart cherries. However, the Black Forest Gateau is alcohol-free.

black forest germany
The Black Forest, Germany – Black Forest Gateau (Cake)

The German speciality, Black forest Gateau has chocolate sponge layer while the cherry filling is delicately inserted between them. It is topped off with whipped cream, some chocolate shavings and some cherries. Another name for it is German Chocolate Cake. You can have it at the hotels nearby the Cuckoo Clock Factory mentioned above.

Ravenna Gorge in the Black Forest Germany

black forest germany
The Black Forest, Germany – Ravenna Gorge

Very close to the Cuckoo Clock Factory of Drubba is the Ravenna Gorge. Its local name is ‘Ravennaschlucht‘. In fact, the Cuckoo Clock Factory and other few restaurants and a hub of facilities lie at the foot of Ravennaschlucht. It is the most charming viaduct created for the Hollental railways and definitely must-see in the Black Forest, Germany.

Titisee Lake

There are various legends associated with the Titisee Lake. But the most spread one is that babies came out of the lake. In the local dialect ‘Teti’ means a baby. The stories that babies came out of the Lakes particularly on a Swan or stork are widespread all around Europe. This lake is no exception.

black forest germany
The Black Forest, Germany – Titisee Lake

Titisee Lake is the most alluring lake without any doubt. There is not a single angle from which it looks unappealing. It is also a high altitude lake. Moreover, the legend has it that it is a bottomless lake. But whether it is really bottomless, I don’t know!

Along the banks of the lake are various colourful shops, cafes, hotels, etc. At the lake, there are facilities to hire a rowing boat or a motorboat. Also near the northern banks of the lake is the famous spa town of Titisee. Titisee Lake is most probably the only touristy place in the Black Forest.

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    1. I do not think it is haunted but it is certainly a bewitching place, with the trees mountains and innumerable streams flowing through it.

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