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Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum of Pune – A visit to the olden times

Vikram pendse cycle museum
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Pune city in Maharashtra is well-known as the “City of Bicycles.” Once upon a time, the city had no motor run vehicles and the entire transportation was Bicycles only. Things have changed of course with time and due to increased urbanisation. But this little jewel – Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum, hidden in the suburbs of Pune reminds us of those days very precisely. This cycle museum in Pune is perfect place to peddle down the history lane.

Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Vikram Pendse cycle museum is a modest home-based setup in Pune showcasing the amazing private collection by Mr Vikram Pendse, brought to life by his friend and a passionate cyclist himself Mr Pandurang Gaikwad.

We decided to reach here on a fine evening. When they charged Rs 100 as an entrance fee we wondered whether it would be worth it. But once inside, we didn’t regret our choice at all. Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum is a perfect place to hang-out with your parents and grandparents, or to show the youngsters of today the golden old times.

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Bicycles at Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

The three-storied museum displays a stunning collection of over 150 vintage bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars, dating back over the last hundred years. Moreover, the owners have kept these in good working condition all the while.

Mr Pandurang helps them to transform even the age-old and sometimes quite broken bicycles and artefacts back into the magnificent items of their prime ages.

Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Following are some of their well-preserved models:

  • 1914 Golden Sunbeam 3 geared bicycle with rear pedal brake and tool space inside handle grip. (England)
  • 1950 Raleigh Kids Chain driven tricycle (England)
  • 1940 BSA Paratrooper Folding Bicycle – World War II (England)

Spares and Accessories

Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Not just bicycles and tricycles the museum also boasts a wide display of various accessories of bicycles and spare parts. They have cycle dynamos which used to lit up the cycle bulb when someone pedals it. Moreover, they have a variety of Kerosene Lamps for bicycles, from olden times. They also have an arrangement of little air pumps which the person could carry along while going on a ride. Some other things which you can see are gears and seats of the cycles.

Paddle Cars

Paddle Cars are the toy cars which were used by the children of the elite in olden times. A 1950 Austin J40 model-based toy car which is repainted and operational will grab your attention. Another 1945 Cycloskiff Rowing style cycle is also present among many others.

Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Vintage Household Items

As you finish the ground floor and reach the 2nd floor an assortment of various vintage household items of the past century will greet you a welcome. From radio sets to gramophones, from irons to sewing machines to lady’s dressers, from kerosene stove to ovens, ink-bottles and dainty ink pens to typewriters, locks, old and beautiful glass bottles, liquor flasks, Pan dabbas, cigarette lighters all sit on the shelves in restored glory.

See a list of a few prized possessions below:

  • 1946 Ferranti Radio (England)
  • 1910 Kerosene Fan
  • 1940 Weighing Scale in Pounds (England)
  • 1950 Bioscope (England)
  • 1935 Kerosene Lamp
  • 1920 Remington typewrite No 10 (USA)
  • 1950 Gritzner Hand Sewing Machine (Germany)
  • 1930 Kerosene Stove cum Oven (England)
  • 1955 Pan Dabbas
  • 1909 Lock
  • 1953 Tilley Kerosene Iron
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum
Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

Cycle Advertisements

When you reach the third floor, you find even more bicycles. But the what makes it so quaint is that on the walls around them, hang really old bicycle advertisements, so well preserved.

Other items at Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

When you come outside to their patio, there are a few vintage bikes, one vintage car and also some vintage Buggies (horse-driven carriages). They also have a vintage telephone in full working condition, you can ask them to ring it!

In the end, what seemed like a joke is despite the collection, the owners informed us that this is only 40% of it and 60% is still enclosed due to lack of space.

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Note: The owners have banned photography here. These are the only pictures I could get by the owners’ permission.

Timings: 11 am to 7 pm | Weekly holiday on Tuesdays

Address: 22, Harsh Sahawas Society, Karvenagar Pune – 411052, Maharashtra, India.

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