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Matheran is that one place you cannot miss when you are travelling to Mumbai or Pune in Maharashtra. Located in the Western Ghats, 830 meters above the sea level, this natural treasure is also the smallest hill station of India. In this post, you will find the must-visit tourist places in Matheran.

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This post contains 20 tourist places in Matheran. For information on the next 20 tourist places in Matheran stay tuned.

The last thing before we start off on tourist places in Matheran. Check out this amazing map of the entire place. We suggest you take a screenshot and carry it in your cell phones.

1. Panorama Point/ Sunrise Point

Panorama Point is undoubtedly the best point in whole Matheran as it provides a 360-degree view of the Sunrise. You can also see many towns down in the valley with their night lights on. It isn’t much popular point among the tourists. This is because it’s 4 km away from the main market of Matheran. And not many people like the idea of going through the dark forests just before the sunrise. If you are brave enough you can witness the best ever sunrise with the red ball coming up from the mountains. As the darkness fades off you will see the lights get switched off slowly and the world rising up.

Shepherd Tip: Make an arrangement with a horse owner the night before you want to witness the panoramic sunrise. They will also guide you about the time and will come to your hotel for a pickup.

2. Mary Point

One of the less frequented tourist places in Matheran is Mary Point. It is quite nearby to the railway lines. Dense forest on the one side and deep valleys on another makes this place a special spot. Despite being a bit farther from the main market, it is worth the visit.

3. Hart Point

If you enjoy walking through the dense forest then this point is worth visiting. You have to walk and walk through the forest area for some time to reach a valley with a view. The view is more or less similar to the Monkey point.

4. Monkey Point

Very close to the Hart Point is another tourist place in Matheran, the Monkey Point. Beware of the monkeys and keep all the food items inside your bags. These monkeys are wild enough to snatch your food from your hands to eat it themselves. Again a long walk through the forest and you reach the point from where you can see the deep valley and also the Hart point and even the Sunset point.

5. Maldoonga Point

This point is near the market as compared to above-mentioned points and more frequented place by tourists. Breathtaking views of the mountains and the valleys make it worth visiting. The walk to it is shorter than above two plus the view is more or less similar.

6. Malet Springs

Must visit the place in monsoon. You will find a freshwater stream flowing through the hills and greenery. In summers the springs are dry but the view is still worth it. You have a long walk before you reach this beautiful spot.

7. Porcupine Point/ Sunset Point

Head over to this place in time for the sunset. There is the best view over the valley, as this is the most north-western point in Matheran. You can see the sky turn from blue to orange to red and finally go black. You can also to see all the other points mentioned below to your left. And all the points mentioned above to your right.

8. Chenoy Point

Next comes a group of 5 points from Chenoy point to Louisa point, which is less frequented by tourists. They are a bit farther from the market and less frequented by the tourists. There is a small podium made of stones. This was used by the people to sit and enjoy the views of the countryside.

9. Rustomjee Point

Straight ahead as you come south is Rustomjee Point. Again great view of the valley and surrounding area. Very good for photography as you will find lesser crowds here.

10. Coronation Point

Another good place to view the sunset. Minimum walk required and very near to the market place. View is great during monsoons as well as any other times. It is the most peaceful place near nature.You can sit here for hours and do nothing, and still feel great.

11. Malang Point

At this point you have a beautiful sight of small villages and small towns in the valley. You can see small brown rooftops and shining glasses of the houses deep down in the valley.

12. Louisa Point

This is definitely one of the major tourist places in Matheran. It is most visited by tourists as it is located near the main market and also very approachable. Another place with a fabulous view for sunsets. You can also see the fort Prabalgad in the distance from the observation deck.

13. Honeymoon Point

As the name suggests, this is undoubtedly the most romantic tourist place in Matheran. During the monsoons even more so. It is also called the “Grand Canyon of India.” You can see Prabalgad in the distance too.

14. Landscape Point

Another trail of 9 tourist points starts here which ends at Pisarnath Temple. At this point, you get a glimpse below into the valley. It is a natural paradise and the best place for taking photographs.

15. Echo Point

As the name suggests, this point in Matheran is famous for Echoing sounds. On a quiet day, you would hear your voice shouting back at you. There is a very interesting topography in this place. From the observation deck, you will see a deep valley below and adjacent mountains close by in a circle around you.

16. Edward Point

Just next to Echo point is Edward point. You will find people selling some snacks, water and lemonade at this place, just in case you are hungry from all your walks. Echo and Edward are the most visited tourist places in Matheran. They are very close to one another and also close to the main market of Matheran.

17. King George Point

King George point provides the perfect view of several waterfalls in the monsoon. At other times it is still the most visited tourist place in Matheran as it gives you sweeping views of the valleys and villages below. This point is near to the famous Charlotte Lake of Matheran.

18. Cilia Point

This tourist place in Matheran is another perfect place for a sunset. Very close to the main market of Matheran and one of the most visited tourist places in Matheran. However, you must be careful as there are no railings on the observation deck here. Below is a steep fall into the deepest valley of Matheran.

19. Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake is without any questions the most picturesque place in Matheran. This lake also supplies drinking water to entire Matheran. Visit in the afternoon here will definitely cool you off. This place is also great for bird watching, relaxation or just taking a walk along the banks of the lake.

20. Pisarnath Mahadev Mandir (Lord Shiva Temple)

Very close to the Charlotte lake is the Pisarnath Mahadev Mandir meaning Temple of Lord Shiva. This place has peaceful vibes and will leave you with a calm feeling. It is the most ancient temple in Matheran. You will find a lot of food stalls selling local snacks nearby where you can grab a bite.

This post contains 20 tourist places in Matheran. For information on the next 20 tourist places in Matheran stay tuned. Coming up soon!

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