Things to do in Zurich in half a day

things to do in zurich

I landed in Zurich, Switzerland around noon and had half a day before heading up to Engelberg for the night. I decided to make good use of my time in this beautiful country. Despite having the jet lag of continuously travelling for 9+ hours from India, (my very first flight) I headed right into the city of Zurich.

The Limmat River

things to do in zurich
Things to do in Zurich – Limmat River

When you visit Zurich, the first thing you will notice is the mountains lined up along the horizon on one side and picturesque buildings towering up on the another. But what weaves it all together is the Limmat river.

Just have a comfortable stroll along the river banks slowly. You will not fail to admire the blue waters and the beautiful lanes of Old Town Zurich (Central Altstadt).

Fraumnster Church

things to do in zurich
Things to do in Zurich – Fraumnster Church

Fraumnster Church is very hard to miss if you are walking alongside the river Limmat. Its blue-green steeple takes up the majority of the space in the skyline of Zurich. As soon as I noticed it I took a turn, walked over the bridge to reach it.

Entrance Fee: 5 CHF

Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Church, but it is a real site. It is built on the remains of the former abbey which was governed by aristocratic women. The original foundation is still well preserved. Inside the sanctum are a series of Chagall’s Windows, which are very elegantly painted and it also has a praying area. Find a detailed post on Fraumnster Church, timings for visitors and its history here.


things to do in zurich
Things to do in Zurich – Bahnhofstrasse

When in Zurich it is most important to visit the richest street in Europe, none other than Bahnhofstrasse. Bahnhof means a train and Strasse means street. As the name suggests no vehicles are allowed on the streets, but the area is well connected by trams.

A walk along the street and you meet the most famous brands in Wristwatches and pieces of jewellery on the ground floor, while the banks are housed away at the top. It is said that all these banks have gold deposits underground ie. under the street. This makes walking on the streets as good as walking on gold. Together the banks and these expensive shops make it the most expensive street in Europe.

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