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Salzburg Austria
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After the marvellous visit to the Salzwelten Hallein, I headed to the town of Salzburg, Austria. This is an alluring town near the Germany Austria border. Beautiful baroque buildings and ancient architecture are prominent features of Salzburg, Austria. The historic centre here is listed under UNESCO World Heritage sights. Salzburg, Austria is also the birthplace of the famous composer and musician Mozart.

‘Salzburg’ literally translates to ‘Salt Fortress.’ Salt extraction was the main occupation here back in the days. There are a few Salt Mines here open for the tourists, today. One of them is Salzwelten Hallein. The Salt brought a lot of prosperity to the ancient civilizations. The golden touch of the medieval times is still visible in every nook here. Following are the few places I visited in a day in Salzburg, Austria.

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Makartsteg bridge

If the love locks bridge of Paris is on your list already, think about adding this Bridge in your list too. I personally found this to be very beautiful and less crowded with tourists. The beautiful blue-green water of the Salzach river and the Makartsteg Bridge over it is indeed a merry sight. The bridge is full of with numerous colourful locks. Many lovers make promises, tie the locks here and throw away the key in the waters. Walking over this bridge is fun even if you are single or a kid or any age whatsoever.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens at Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Austria
Salzburg Austria – Mirabell Palace and Gardens

After the Makartsteg Bridge, I headed straight away to the most famous garden of Salzburg, Austria. Easily making for the most visited place in Austria, the Mirabell Gardens are enchanting hundreds of tourists over the centuries. The Orangerie and Papagenabrunnen, The Four Element Fountain and its Sculptures, The Rose Garden, The Dwarf Garden, Pegasus Fountain and its Unicorns and Lions, all make this garden look straight out of a fairy tale. Read more about it here.

The Old Town of Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Austria
Salzburg Austria – Salzburg Old Town

Salzburg Altstadt (Old Town) is a good place to start exploring the city. It consists of all the main sights of Salzburg. The Old Town of Salzburg is a place for getting lost. Make sure to check the dates on the buildings. The Old Town of Salzburg has many old buildings that were not destroyed in the war. These are just like the olden days even today.


Getreidegasse is a beautiful medieval shopping street in Salzburg. For one thing, they have the Mozarts house at No 9, Getreidegasse. But this street and the area around is also a good place to shop for souvenirs and things ranging from clothes, ornaments to artistic paintings and other works of art.

Salzburg Austria – Getreidegasse

In the olden times, shops and markets were held in a place like a big tunnel between the medieval buildings. These tunnel-like shops are still present around here and are really fun to explore. Ancient signboards still hang in the same way as they used to be outside these tunnels. In order to signify what shop is inside.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Mozart was born in a small house near the river. Later the family moved to another house. At No.9 Getreidegasse is the Mozart’s House. The most genius composer and musician of all times has his roots in here. Today, his house is a museum. Both of his houses are museums and are a must-visit for his fans. Moreover, the museums depict how the day to day life of Mozart and his family would have been. They also have the famous violin which Mozart had mastered to play at the age as young as three. Go anywhere in Salzburg today and you will encounter the presence of Mozart. Salzburg also has the world-famous University of Music and Dramatic Arts by the name University Mozarteum.

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Fortress of Hohensalzburg

Salzburg Austria – Fortress of Hohensalzburg

‘Hohensalzburg’ literally translates to ‘High Salzburg Fortress.’ You can take a cable car up to this largest medieval European Castle. The castle overlooks the Mirabell Gardens and the city of Salzburg. On a clear day, you can look all the way to the Alps from the Fortress. It is more like a high viewing point over Salzburg, Austria.

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