Pashan Lake of Pune

Pashan Lake

Pashan is an interesting suburb near Pune. Pashan has Baner in the North, Bavdhan to the South, Sus village to the West and Pune University to the East. But what highlights this pretty neighbourhood is Pashan Lake.

Pashan Lake is a manmade lake, which was made to resolve the water requirements in the area. Water from this lake was used as drinking water around Pashan and surrounding areas. Fast forward to today, the water here is not fit for drinking.

There are a lot of marshy areas around the lake which are not fit for exploring. But still, you have many trees for oxygen and water attracts some rare birds. Its a calm and peaceful place, as not many people visit here. There are two tracks for walking, jogging or running.

Pashan Lake

The only mistake I made is, I decided to visit on a very rainy day. Due to the rains, all the mud along the tracks is wet which makes walking a real task. Choose a clear sunny day to visit here. This will make the water bright and shiny. And all the tracks are lined with trees like Bamboo, Gulmohar, Neem and several other trees, so you always have a dark green shade.

The Pashan lake is also a popular spot for bird watching. Even with my untrained eyes, I could spot some Kingfishers, Storks, Herons and some black ducks on the water. Other than birds there are also various species of butterflies around here.

Pashan Lake

Recently, the Pashan lake is facing many environmental issues, due to urbanisation. One of them is the silting of the lake. Another is water weeds and sewage being disposed of in the lake waters.

But PMC is really developing this area around the lake. Initiatives such as planting trees and bamboo grooves alongside the lake to protect it. And the construction of a 300-metre path along the western shore has improved the matters now. Research is being done on how this lake can be used to provide for drinking water again.

Pashan Lake
  • Where: Pashan
  • Distance from Pune: 12 km
  • Best time to visit: On a sunny morning
  • Fee: Entry is free
  • Timings: Morning 6-11 am, Evenings 4-6 pm

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