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Parvati Hill – Hiking, Birdwatching, Ancient Heritage and Temples

Parvati Hill
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At 2,100 feet (640 m) above sea level, Parvati Hill of Pune is a hillock which is the second-highest point of Pune after Vetal Tekdi. Apart from the view of the city, this hillock has some really exciting things, which attracts a lot of visitors.


The oldest heritage structure in Pune, Parvati Hill Temple, was built by the Peshwas of Pune. The Peshwas were regular visitors of the temple. The samadhi (tomb) of Balaji Bajirao also lies here as this was where he spent his last moments of life.

Peshwa Museum

The hillock is also home to the well known Peshwa museum which has some really interesting pieces from the history, like coins used as currency or the palanquin’s used by royalty or the riding clothes of the common horsemen or the grand attire of the kings and some ancient religious manuscripts. Entry Fee: INR 15

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Temples atop Parvati Hill

Parvati Hill
Parvati Hill – Temples

There are 5 temples atop this Hill. The most significant one is the Devdeveshwar temple (Shiva and Parvati). Moreover, there are other Temples that include -Kartikeya Temple, Vishnu Temple, Vitthal Temple, Rama Temple

View of the City from Parvati Hill

This hillock which has a moderately steep flight of 103 stairs is an observation point which offers a picturesque view of Pune city. Moreover, if you can make it atop early in the morning, you might catch the rising sun and watch the whole city waking up.

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Parvati Hill
Parvati Hill – View of the City

Parvati Hill – Birdwatching

If you go behind the Parvati Temple, there is an area which is a protected forest inside of Pune. Parvati has a lot of birds, deep inside these forests, besides pigeons. If you are in the mood for birdwatching but want to stay in the city, this is the place. If you move towards the southern side of the hill, a forest trail awaits. This takes you all the way tp Taljai Hills. And on the way, you can spot many birds if you keep a sharp eye for them.

Hiking Trail towards Taljai Hills

Very few people know the hiking trail which exists right inside the Pune city from Parvati Hills to Taljai Hills. Moreover, the entire area is covered with greens and filled with peace. Moreover, you can also visit Waghjai Temple which forms part of this hiking trail.

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Parvati Hill
Hiking Trails in Pune City – Parvati Hill

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