Munich, Germany – How much can you experience in a day?

Munich Germany
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Munich the capital city of Bavaria Land in Germany was my next stop after the bewitching visit to the Black Forest of Germany. Munich is home to art, science, technology, innovations, education and many glorious monuments. This has made it a global centre to museums, theatres, universities, architectural attractions, sports events and lots of tourism.

Although Munich survived during World War I, the Allied Forces heavily bombed it during World War II. They destroyed almost 50% of the entire city and 90% of the historic centre. Still, the city has managed to retain and restore most of the cultural and historical places, its churches and the museums

The Skyline of Munich, Germany

Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – Skyline of Munich

The skyline of Munich, Germany is indeed an interesting one. Towards the south is the Olympiaturm ie The Olympic Tower. Next to it are the BMW headquarters, BMW Museum and BMW Welt. In the city’s heart is the Neues Rathaus ie. The City Town Hall. But what stands the tallest in the centre of Munich is the Frauenkirche ie. the twin towers of the German Church.

But the German Alps give the toughest competition which stands the tallest in the backdrop. If you go up the Olympiaturm or the Neues Rathaus, on a clear day you can see everything from the sloping rooftops, all the way to the German Alps.

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Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – Frauenkirche

Frauenkirche literally translates as ‘The Church of our Lady.’ There are many churches but this one in Munich is really something different altogether. Although it suffered in the wars, much of the original work is restored today.

Built-in the plainest way, without any Gothic elements, this Church has a more modern look. It is conferred with the twin towers which have the most picturesque domes. The towers are discreet with very few windows but, are quite tall at 109 meters. To make it the tallest landmark of Munich city, no new building is allowed to exceed the height of these towers.

Insides of the Church are filled with busts of prophets and apostles, stained glass windows, the tomb of the Holy Roman Emporer and the devil’s footprint near the entrance. I didn’t go in here at this Church and just saw the two towers from a distance. But those who have a keen interest in history or ancient architecture must visit it.


Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – Marienplatz

Next up I headed to the city’s most popular square Marienplatz. Marienplatz is the place where most of the activity of the city takes place. All around the centre are locals and tourists shopping or sightseeing. Marienplatz gets its name from the golden statue of Mother Mary which stands on a column in the centre of the plaza. The square has been the centre of the city for decades since the 12th century.

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Neues Rathaus

Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – Neues Rathaus

At the Marienplatz, the most elegant building is Neues Rathaus. Neues Rathaus means the ‘The New Town Hall.’ It is home to the city councils and government offices today. The Neues Rathaus is a complete Gothic wonder with the arches, statues and the most detailed and intricately designed architecture.


Hofbräuhaus means ‘a court brewery.’ For a country that hosts the most prominent beer festival called the ‘Oktoberfest’, a brewery visit is a must. If you love beer and want some of the Bavarian atmospheres this place must be on your list. For those who don’t drink beer, you can still have a walk inside the Hofbräuhaus for the atmosphere and feels of it. People say that Mozart was a regular at this place, among many other notable men.

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BMW Welt at Munich, Germany

When in Munich you cannot miss out on the most renowned name in the automobile industry the BMW. BMW has its stately headquarters, the BMW museum and the BMW Welt alongside the enormous BMW factory in this city of Munich.

Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – BMW Headquarters

The BMW headquarters is a building that one must surely see. With its four cylindrical towers which are elevated above a central supporting system, the tower represents the four cylinders in a car engine. Alongside the headquarters, the BMW museum is built in such a way that it repents a cylinder head

For my visit, I decided to see the BMW Welt. The BMW Welt architecture is quite futuristic. At the entrance is a whirlwind of glass and steel which stands up to make a huge tornado shaped structure. Inside the BMW Welt, are the largest collection of BMW Cars, Bikes, two models of Rolls Royce and some BMW Minis. It is the company’s most important public structure.

Munich Germany
Munich, Germany – BMW Welt

Other Places in Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany is also home to numerous museums, like the Glyptothek or the Museum Brandhorst or the Deutsches Museum or the Museum of Five Continents, etc. It is not possible to see them all in even a week. Then there is the Olympic Park and the Olympiaturm ie The Olympic Tower. There is also the Allianz Arena, the beautiful football stadium. For nature lovers there is the largest park in Munich The English Gardens.

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Here are some experiences which you may want to book in advance. But I have to tell you the free walking tour here is also great.

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