Mount Titlis – Mountain of Adventure in the heart of Switzerland

Mount Titlis

At 3020 meters above the sea level, Mount Titlis is definitely the place to hold your breath, quite literally. Beautiful panoramic views, walkways on the cliffs, snow parks, it has it all. Additionally, it has snow all around the year. So if you are missing the snow in summers you now know where to go.

To add up on this is the presence of Indian Restaurants and Indian Food atop Mount Titlis. Also being an Indian and an SRK fan I must mention the statutes of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol that greet you at the entrance.

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – On a foggy/rainy day

Just don’t do one mistake when visiting Mount Titlis. Do not visit Mount Titlis on a foggy or a rainy day. All the views will be obscured by the fog and you won’t even know that you are at a height of 3020 meters. Make sure to check and recheck the weather forecasts, before you go. All the mountains tops in Switzerland have web cameras. The live footage is shown on their respective websites which you may check before you go.

Rotair Gondola and Cable Car

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – Cable Car

The 8-seater cable cars will whisk you comfortably from Engelberg directly to the Stand Station. From there the Titlis RotAir, the world’s first revolving cable car, takes you to the summit of Mt Titlis. Such is the technical excellence that the ride from Engelberg to Mount Titlis takes only 30 minutes. In the beginning, you can see grassy pastures below. Slowly the terrain changes to forests with high pine trees. Then the rocks take their place and in the end the alpine snow.

The CliffWalk at Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – Cliff Walk

At 3041 meters, above sea level, the walk over the abyss will surely set your pulse racing. You will have to place your full trust on the narrow suspension bridge. And take some 150 steps with your heart pounding and embrace the dizzying heights.

Titlis Glacier Cave/ Ice Grotto

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – Glacier Cave

Inside the frosty heart of the Titlis glacier, an enchanting realm of ice awaits. The cave’s 150-meter long walkway descends 20 meters below the surface of the glacier. Make sure to get covered in layers as the temperature here is -1.5 degree Celcius throughout the year. Furthermore, the entire cave is bathed in a strange blue light. This is the sunlight which refracts in through the ice. If you see closely you will find it composed of thousands of particles of ice.

Mount Titlis Snow Park

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – Snow Park

From tobogganing to skiing to snowboarding to ice skating the Titlis Snow park has everyone covered. Additionally, Snow Park is open all around the year. Moreover, there are four schools at which you can polish your skills of skiing and skateboarding or learn some. Or you can go snow tubing in at the Titlis Glacier Park. With all the options Titlis has, high-speed snow fun is guaranteed whether its summer or winter.

Titlis Ice Flyer

Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis – Ice Flyer

The Titlis Ice Flyer Chair Lift will slowly take you down from the Sumit Station to the Glacier Park and bring you back. On the way, you will see spectacular views deep down into the glacier. The flyer is open on all sides and provides a raw experience into the alpine region.

Indian Group Restaurant

Being an Indian, I cannot end this post without giving them a mention. I had authentic Indian Pav Bhaji and a host of other snacks and items at this place. Getting Indian food after you are starving from all the icy fun is such an amazing thing. But if you are not interested in Indian food you can still find many other restaurants and have your lunch at the mountain itself.

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