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How to Reach Matheran Hill Station -Public Transport or your Vehicle?

Pune to Matheran
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While there are many reasons to visit Matheran this post deals with ways to reach Matheran and transportation within Matheran Hill Station. Below is a detailed guide on how to reach Matheran Hill Station located in the Western Ghats near Mumbai in Maharashtra, India, by public transport as well as by private transport.

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A. How to Reach Matheran by Public Transport

Matheran is around 100 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune in Western India. To reach take a train to Neral Station from Pune or Mumbai or from anywhere. Once you reach Neral there are two options to reach Matheran.

1. How to reach Matheran by Toy Train

how to reach matheran
How to reach Matheran – Matheran Toy Train

The municipality operates a Toy Train from Neral to Matheran which leaves Neral Station at 6.40 am and reaches Matheran Railway Station at 9.40 am. After this, the train operates from Aman Lodge(near Dasturi Naka) to Matheran Railway Station each hour. At exactly 3.30 pm it goes down, back to Neral Station. These are the normal Matheran Train timings but it would be advisable to check the same beforehand.

2. How to reach Matheran by Shared Cab

Another way to reach Matheran from Neral is by shared cab. They will charge around Rs 80 to Rs 120 per person( the rates may vary according to seasons). The shared cab will take you to Dasturi Naka.
Moreover, Dasturi Naka is where you will have to pay some tourism tax (around Rs 50).

From here it is a 15-30 minutes walk (depending on your speed) along the railway line to Matheran Railway Station. Moreover, If you are in luck you may get the train at Aman Lodge which takes you to Matheran.

If you don’t feel like walking, then you can go on a horse ride or there are men-driven passenger cabs for elders.

Shepherd Tip: While booking a horse ride we bargained our way through to some cheaper rates which were almost half of what we were told. Plus the horse owners also agreed to show us a few of the tourist attractions on the way. They even agreed to take us all the way to our hotel at the same cost.

B. How to Reach Matheran by own Vehicle

how to reach matheran
How to reach Matheran on your own vehicle

First Reach Neral. From Neral you can take your car or bike to Dasturi Naka. There are steep turns on the way so it would be challenging for beginners to drive the bike or the car.

After you reach Dasturi Naka you have to park your vehicle at their parking area as no vehicles are allowed in Matheran. You also have to pay tourism tax for entry into Matheran at Dasturi Naka.

From Dasturi Naka you can take a 30-minute walk to Matheran. Or take the toy train from Aman Lodge to Matheran Train Station. Or a horse ride and as mentioned in the above option A bargain harder.

Transport within Matheran

how to reach matheran
How to reach Matheran – Transport within Matheran

No motorised vehicles are allowed inside Matheran. Every vehicle must be parked at Dasturi Naka. The only options for transport within Matheran are Horse Rides and Men Driven Carriages. You can walk to all the tourist points too.

Shepherd Tip: I suggest you walk over to some places and take a horse ride combo for some other places.

Well, now you know how to reach Matheran. Puzzled which places in Matheran should be on your list? Head over to this blog post places to visit in Matheran.

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