10 Best Gardens in Pune City

gardens in pune

From the old Sarasbaug to Sambaji Garden, there are a lot of gardens in Pune city. While the city boasts quite a lot of green spaces, each one has its own unique speciality. This article details in on the top 10 gardens in Pune City along with things that they have on offer.

1. Saras Baug

gardens in pune

Sarasbaug is one of the gardens in Pune which you cannot miss to visit. It is located in the center of Pune and really near to Swargate which is the transportation hub of Pune. Inside the garden, you find a huge lake all full of blooming lotuses, which will definitely make your day. But that’s not all, there are also some beautiful fountains installed in the lake. The garden is also famous for ‘Talyatla Ganapati’ meaning Ganapati inside the lake, as it has a magnificent temple of Lord Ganesha inside the lake. (Wow, did you just mean a temple inside a lake and the lake inside the garden? Well, yes I did!) Apart from lakes, fountains, lotuses and temples, there is a big track for jogging or walking through lined with lots of greenery and trees alongside the lake. In the evening, you will find the entire area outside the garden turned into a crazy fair with all types of food stalls and many more things to do. To find out all about Saras Baug, check the full post here.

2. Osho Garden

gardens in pune

The thing that makes Osho Garden in Pune so special is that it is completely made from wastewater. Inside the garden is a sewage treatment plant where the water is purified and used further. Amazing variety of plants and trees are planted along the way besides the stream of purified water. The garden is near the famous Osho International Meditation Center and has the idol of the founder at the entrance. Inside is a walk among the dense trees and beautifully placed stones and structures.

3. Pu La Deshpande Garden

gardens in pune

The Pu La Deshpande Garden of Pune also called the Pune-Okayama Friendship Park, will literally wipe away your tears of noise, chaos and the traffic of the city. Named after the well known Marathi writer, Pu La Deshpande, this place is a must-visit for kids, youngsters as well as the senior citizens…  Read More

4. Empress Botanical Garden

gardens in pune

Just as the name suggests, Empress Botanical Garden in Pune has a sprawling nursery with a large variety of species of plants. Additionally, you will find the entire area beautifully made into a garden, all complete with a stream of water. There is also a special area for kids as well as the senior citizens. You can even buy some of the plants you like at the nursery if you wish to take some home.

5. Seven Wonders Dream Park

gardens in pune

If you have ever dreamed of travelling around to all the Seven Wonders of the World, this park is the best place to spend the evening. Here you will find the replicas of all the Seven wonders including the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. There are also some more attractions for kids here. But this is a must-visit place to experience all the Seven Wonders in one of the gardens in Pune. This is a place which appeals to the adults as well as the kids alike.

6. Aba Bagul Udyan

This garden in Pune has a unique Laser Show Facility which operates in the night. There are fountains at which lasers are aimed in order to produce the Laser Show. Apart from that, you will find various animals made from cement places all around the park along with a great playing area for the kids. Additionally, there is a gym area for adults too.

7. Alien’s Park

gardens in pune

If you are a fan of David Cameron’s movie ‘Avatar‘ then this is the best place for you to visit. This garden in Pune has a nature walk along the stream but what makes is it so special are the life-sized statues of all the characters. Explore this world of Pandora planet along with Neytiri and his dragon.

8. Sambaji Garden

gardens in pune

Located in the heart of Pune and on the banks of Mula-Mutha river, this garden proudly boasts a large variety of trees and vegetation combined with classic walking areas with lots of benches and places to cool off. It also has a gym for adults as well as a play area for the kids. At one end you will find a prototype of Metro which will be operating through Pune city in the coming years. At another end, you find a huge aquarium with wide varieties of fishes. You will also find lots of stalls with amazing food options inside the garden.

Shepherd Tip: If you have come here during the Diwali festival (November) you are in luck. You will find various sand and mud castles built by kids. Sambaji Garden hosts a competition for kids to come and out and build the sand and mud castles every year during Diwali. The best one wins a prize.

9. Bund Garden

gardens in pune

Bund Garden in Pune derives its name from ‘Bund‘ or a dam which is built on the river. So as the name suggests the garden is situated on the banks of river Mula. It has something to offer for everyone. You can jog through its jogging track in the morning. Or you can play with your kids here in the evening. There is also a boating facility available. There are occasional magic shows and horse rides organised to keep you entertained. In the winter season, you can meet a lot of migratory birds in the area.

10. Chittaranjan Vatika Garden

gardens in pune

This garden is located in the Model Colony area of Pune. Inside the garden, you will find, a dedicated jogging track which runs around 1.5 to 2 km and a gym area for adults for light exercises. Additionally, there’s also a kids play area. Wide varieties of plants, shrubs and trees make this place very green and full of oxygen.

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