Things to do in Engelberg in Switzerland

‘Engel’ is for Angel and ‘Berg’ stands for mountains, and Engelberg means the Land where Angels play. This name might seem quite ornamental when you read it from the comforts of your home. But when you visit this place you will feel it’s truly the land of the angels.

Engelberg is a small quaint place located in the heart of the Alpine region of Switzerland. From elegant houses to charming lanes of the village, to mountain trails extending to hundreds of kilometres, to long ski slopes all around, Engelberg has it all.

Engelberg Village

Engelberg – Engelberg village

Walking around Engelberg village means you meet beautiful flower-covered windows of the quaint houses in the most picturesque lanes, in summer. In winter, its a totally different scene with snow-covered roofs where white colour replaces every possible thing. Walk around the village, meet some locals who speak mostly German or just look up at the surrounding mountains and the mighty Mount Titlis.

Engelberg Abbey

Engelberg – Engelberg Abbey

As you walk through the central part of Engelberg Village you come face to face with the Benedictine Monastery, that goes back to 1120AD. The Engelberg Abbey, which was a monastery still has a community of monks. The large space houses a lot of old architecture, beautiful frescoes and some stuccowork. The abbey’s organ can be heard at free recitals on summer evenings. The backdrop of the mountains is stunning for the eyes.

Mountain Trails

Engelberg – Mountain Trails

With hundreds of kilometres of beautiful mountain trails, the nature lovers have very little to complain about. There are a lot of trails originating from the Engelberg village, going in several directions. But the most beloved one is the trail of four lakes which ends at the alpine lake called Lake Trubsee. Many others would take you to some high viewing points from where you can look around the whole village and up at the mountains too.

Ski-Slopes and Snow Boarding

Engelberg — Ski Slopes and Snow Boarding

The Ski-Slopes around Engelberg village are a winter wonderland for those who love Skiing and SnowBoarding. The height of the village and abundance of snow in this Alpine region make the most favourable place for the people who love this sport. Many of them even start at Mount Titlis and end here at the village. All the points are wonderfully connected with cable cars. The place also has 4 schools where you can learn skiing or just brush up on your skills.

Cheese Factory

Engelberg – Cheese Factory

The Cheese factory at Engelberg is free and open for visitors. You can spend an afternoon watching away how the cheese is made. And also have some of their goodies, including Cheese Fondue. I don’t know about others but definitely a place for cheese lovers.

Spas and Bathing

Engelberg – Spa and bathing

After the walking, running, skiing in the snow, its time for a good pampering. Engelberg village has many spas with their speciality sauna baths among all the other things.

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