Dive Ghat – A wonderful drive-in monsoons near Pune

Dive Ghat near Pune

If you are in Pune, Maharashtra in Monsoon and have a couple of hours on hand Dive Ghat near Pune is the place you just have to visit for the most pleasant experience. You can read the entire post or rush through to a detailed summary at the bottom.

Choose a rainy day and drive south through Pune city, at almost 23 km away towards Saswad this small mountain pass has a view of the entire nearby area which includes the famous Mastani Lake of Pune.

Dive Ghat
Dive Ghat near Pune

With its winding roadways and beautiful views, this area has a lot more to offer than expected. Especially during the monsoon ( ie.late June to Sept in Pune), the clouds blow so low that you can touch them as you ride through. Not to mention then natural treat of greenery and random little waterfalls all along the way.

If you are fortunate enough you can even see clouds gathering in the valley below and then the rains on top of the Mastani Lake. Moreover, you will encounter minimum traffic once you reach Dive Ghat and can have the most peaceful natural experience.

All in all, a must-visit for the best place to experience in Pune in Monsoon.

Below is the summarized version of all the details above :

How to get there: Drive south towards Saswad via Hadapsar.
Best time to Visit: On a rainy day in monsoon (ie. June to September)
What to See: Amazing Views into the Valley, Waterfalls, Greenery and Peace

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