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Bhigwan-A Paradise of Birds

Bhigwan best time to visit

Bhigwan (also known as “Bharatpur of Maharashtra), is a small town on the outskirts of Pune at Pune-Solapur Highway which has a lot to offer in addition to being a paradise of birds and especially the migratory birds, the most noteworthy being the Flamingos which arrive in the winters here.

Located near the backwaters of Ujani Dam this little town, with an economy entirely based on freshwater fishing, is the best getaway from hectic city life, to go with the family or friends.

For details about how to get there and when to visit jump to the end of the post.

Bhigwan best time to visit

1. Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary –

  • Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is an absolute heaven for Bird Watchers, Bird Photographers, and Ornithologists or just Nature Lovers.
  • The entire area is filled with Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Raptors, Painted Storks, Bar-headed geese, Demoiselle Cranes, Waders and many more.
  • Among many other attractions with this place the most common one which pulls lots of people here is the bird flamingo.
  • The mighty bird flamingo arrives here during winter (ie. Late November to January) and the entire area is the most beautiful sight to see.

2. Boat Rides in the dam waters –

  • Bhigwan Bird Watching is an organization which provides boat rides through the backwaters, taking us over to the most secluded spots for watching the birds, especially the flamingos.
  • The flamingos can be reached through the boat ride because as they are shy they tend to be away from crowded or humanized areas
Bhigwan best time to visit

3. Fish Lovers –

  • The main occupation of the people in the village of Bhigwan is fishing.
  • As you go through the boat rides you will come across many fishers making a catch.
  • While just watching them is also a pleasant sight you can either have a chat with them or even take a bite of some fresh catch cooked along with the local tastes and flavors.
Bhigwan best time to visit

4. Nature Lovers –

  • The village of Bhigwan is located near the backwaters of the Ujani dam and has a really diverse flora and fauna.
  • While the birds and the fish amaze you, the stunning landscapes, with clearest of waters and the winter fogs will give you a really pleasant atmosphere and the most natural experience ever.
Bhigwan best time to visit

5. Camping –

  • The most amazing way to spend time at this place is camping over at night and waking up to the golden sky and sounds of the variety of birds this place provides.
  • There are various options available for camping in this area. You can also take your own tent with you, but just make sure you are camping in a permissible area.
Bhigwan best time to visit

6. Relaxation and peaceful time –

  • If you are fed up from the city life this is the place nearby to Pune which will make the best place for relaxation and peaceful time in the lap of nature.

How to reach Bhigwan:

  • 105 km from Pune city in Maharashtra, India and 249 km from Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Visitors can travel to Bhigwan by the State Transport Buses bound for Solapur from Pune.
  • This takes approximately 3.5 hours. Otherwise, the other way is to travel in their own vehicle.
  • One can also travel via Train from Pune.
  • There is a list of trains that stop at Bhigvan (BGVN) such as Chennai mail, Pune Sur Demu, and Hyderabad Exp. etc.
Bhigwan best time to visit

Best time to visit Bhigwan:

  • The best time to visit Bhigwan is between the months of November and March.
  • But, if you want to witness its true beauty you must visit this place in February.
  • This is because a lot of rare and beautiful birds migrate here during this period, including the flamingoes.

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