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30 Beaches Near Pune: Unknown Black Sand Beaches | 2020

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Beach lovers clearly have something missing here in Pune. Although you can visit the Khadakwasla backwaters, it doesn’t have the beach sands where you can spend a laid-back day! Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here is a list of unknown Beaches near Pune apart from the usual Goa, Tarkarli blah and blah.

Most of these beaches near Pune have a peculiar black coloured soil. To add up to these unique clean beaches near Pune I have also mentioned interesting nearby Forts, Lighthouses and temples, which you may want to visit. I have also mentioned the fauna – birds, corals and turtles (also shells, pebbles and seafood) found at these beaches near Pune. Now you don’t need to go anywhere else, this list contains all the beaches near Pune up to 200 km. Just grab your coffee or a drink, a pen and paper and start planning your trip!

I have classified the beaches near Pune from nearest to the farthest. All the distances are from Pune. Moreover, I have also jotted down the time required to reach these beaches (in the titles) for you to have smooth breezy weekends.

Unknown Beaches near Pune within 150 km - Pune to nearest beach
Unknown Beaches near Pune
Best time to visit beaches near Pune

The best time to visit beaches near Pune in Maharashtra is winters ie Nov to Feb. In summers the heat and humidity get unbearable. But if you are up for it then you can surely give a try. In rainy seasons nature is beautiful but wild. It can be dangerous to venture out in the sea as raging storms make it unsafe. The winters in this tropical climate are mild, gentle and lovely. The boatsmen, activities, excursions and hotels near these beaches near Pune operate best in winters too. Read till the end to know about a beach that you must visit in summers ie Feb to May and why to visit it!

Black Sand Beaches

The beaches in Maharashtra have black sands as opposed to the golden sands of Goa. Everywhere around Alibaug and even to the south of Alibaug, the sea is great and the sands are stunningly black. There are numerous black sand beaches in India, and most of them belong to Maharashtra. The below mentioned black sand beaches near Pune, in India are the best places for a getaway near Pune. With a bright sunny day, blue water, these black sand beaches and greenery all around what more do you need for a weekend?

Beaches near Pune within 150 km - Black Sand Beaches near Pune in Maharashtra
Beaches near Pune – Black Sand Beaches near Pune in Maharashtra

Beaches near Pune within 150km

There are no beaches near Pune within 100km. So, I am starting my list with beaches near Pune within 150 km from Pune. If you are driving to these places it is around 3 to 4 hours of a scenic drive through the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. This means that you can complete the beach trip in one day itself.

It would be best to start early in the morning from Pune to beat the traffic on the road, especially on the weekends. No need to worry, there would be no crowds on these beaches near Pune. I have included only the cleanest, beautiful and isolated ones here. And, of course, the unknown and abandoned and undiscovered ones too.

If you are coming from outside or using public transport, you have to first come to Mumbai. Then take a shared cab to Alibaug and then take a rickshaw from there to any of these beaches. Beware of the fares and make sure to bargain them. Although I have mentioned about public transport the availability highly depends on the local events. It is best to have your own vehicle. If you love biking then you can have the best ride here.

Awas Beach (149 km 3h32m)

Beaches near Pune within 150 km-  Awas Beach Suru Trees
Beaches near Pune – Awas Beach Suru Trees

Awas Beach is one such abandoned beach a little farther from Alibaug. The water here is shallow and you can walk for up to 2 km with safety. The entrance to the beach can be confusing so take some help from the locals. It is lined with beautiful Suru trees which makes it very unique. There are hardly any vendors or street hawkers here. It is just you and the sea and some occasional tourist or local. If you look towards the north on a clear day you can see the queens necklace (Girgaon Chowpatty) or some of the buildings from Mumbai. The Pandava Devi Temple here is a popular sacred spot.

Kihim Beach (144km 3h24m)

Another deserted beach near Alibaug, this one is beautiful in its own way. No there are no restaurants or food vendors or water sports facilities here. But they do have a horse-driven carriage if you want a ride. The sands are really soft and the beach is strewn with vibrant shells all around. There will be hardly anyone here on weekdays. And very few tourists on weekends. There is a beautiful cycle track around here which ends at a Jewish crematory.

Khanderi and Underi Forts (145 km 3h31m)

These twin forts were historically used to keep an eye on the Western coast. Today they serve as a landmark for any ship approaching Mumbai Port. To reach them you can take a ferry from Thal Jetty or the remains of Khubladha Fort. You can watch the life of fishermen here at this jetty. Most of the area is used to dry the fish. Once in the ferry, you first see Underi Fort. Normal people don’t know how to reach and anchor the boat here. It is only known by the local fishermen.

Beaches near Pune within 150 km-  Khanderi Fort Lighthouse
Beaches near Pune – Khanderi Fort Lighthouse

The Khanderi Fort is a bit ahead from Underi. There is a lighthouse which you can trek up to. It is not easy to reach the Khanderi lighthouse, but the views are amazing. You can look out to the sea or just look back to lands. Underi Fort can be seen from here too. You have to take care as it gets very windy around here. It is advisable to get information/ guidance from the locals who live nearby. Before going to any of these island forts, make sure to take the contact of local boatsmen to come back.

At both the forts nature is at its best and its wild. There is not much to see of the forts. The ancient walls are neglected. But anyway, these two forts are worth the visit if you want a short ride in the Arabian waters and have the time.

Varsoli Beach (144km 3h27m)

If you are hungry from all the bitching sorry beaching, oh you know what I mean! Then this is a good place to visit. There are also water sports available here although whether they are worth your money or not depends on the water. Sometimes the water here is very polluted due to its proximity to Mumbai or Alibaug. Still, the beach view is very beautiful and it is a good place to watch the sunset while having some tea or Maggi or some other snacks from the food stalls here.

Alibaug Beach (143 km 3h23m)

I know, I know Alibaug is the most visited beach and it’s not unknown anymore, but which beach list is complete without mentioning Alibaug! Let me tell you blatantly, there is no need to visit this one if you are looking for an isolated clam natural getaway. There are a lot of tourists here and it is easily the most (polluted ahm) populated one here. This is mainly because Pune to Alibaug distance is just 143 km. But it is beautiful in its own way, people say. Honestly, I haven’t been able to figure out why so many tourists flock here at this particular beach. Especially, when there are a few more beautiful beaches in this very area. There are a few beach resorts which you may consider. They all require prior bookings.

***Together We Can – Make sure to carry your trash to the bins and clear up the beach if possible

Beaches near Pune  within 150 km-  Pune to Alibaug distance
Beaches near Pune – Alibaug Beach and Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort (144 km 3h31m)

Very close to the Alibaug beach is the Kolaba Fort, also called Alibaug Fort sometimes. You can walk over to the fort from the beach if it is the low tide. But in case of high tide, you must take a ferry to the fort. Not much is left inside the fort which was at one point of time, the centre of Indian military operations due to its strategic positioning. Still, if you are into photography or want Instagram worthy photos then you should consider visiting it. Also, just for history lovers, there is the old mortar structure and at several places ancient carvings inside the fort. This fort is a large place with a temple and a Darga inside. Several people have houses here and they take care of the area. Another notable feature is the freshwater well inside the Fort despite it being in the sea.

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Akshi Beach (149 km 3h36m)

Akshi Beach is a little farther from Alibaug Beach. It is less populated and there are no water sports here. Only sometimes they may provide a boating facility. There is drinking water available at a temple which is near here. But it is wise to carry own food and water. There are not many facilities but a clear coast to watch the waves. Akshi beach is the best place for birdwatching. You can watch many migratory shorebirds in winter here.

Beaches near Pune within 150 km-  Akshi Beach Bird Watching
Beaches near Pune – Akshi Beach Bird Watching

Raiwadi Beach (148 km 3h34m)

Raiwadi is a flat beach land of around four kilometres between Akshi Beach and Nagaon Beach. This beach is just next to Akshi Beach and almost a part of Akshi beach. It’s best to go farther. Also, this is a fishing area. If you reach early, you may get to watch fishermen at work. They have those brightly painted little boats which they use here for fishing. If you don’t have the guts to see the fishermen’s catch (a lot of dead fish) then maybe visit around sunset.

Beaches near Pune within 200km

The beaches near Pune which I am about to mention below are definitely promising but a little farther from Pune. Most of them require 4 to 6 hours to reach. It would be best to plan a two-day weekend trip near Pune at these Black Sand Beaches in India. This will give you more time to explore around here and you can cover more of these divine spots. So now lets straightaway dive in!

Mandwa Beach(152 km 3h35m)

Beaches near Pune -  Mandwa Beach Ferry
Beaches near Pune – Mandwa Beach Ferry

This is an amazing beach with long walks along the sea guaranteed. Mandwa Beach also has a jetty which can take you to Mumbai or bring you here from Gateway of India of Mumbai by a ferry. There are various facilities for watersports available here. In fact, this is the nearest beach to Pune if you are seeking decent sea water sports. (Yes, Tarkarli is great but it’s a long way from Pune) There is a great facility for washrooms and seaside restaurants. This beach in Maharashtra has Black Sands, but it is not that cushiony. So if you wish to play some seaside cricket or a ball game this is the beach you were looking for.

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Sasawane Beach (151 km 3h34m)

This is one of the undiscovered beaches near Pune, close to Alibaug. This beach is known for the flawless sunset as it faces to the west completely. Moreover, the wet black sands act as a mirror during the sunset. There are no more words to describe this unique and perfect nature’s paradise. This Black sands beach near Pune, India is the best place to watch a quiet sunset.

Nagaon Beach (151 km 3h39m)

This is another well known and more-visited beach after Alibaug. This one is crowded during the weekends. The view is great with Kolaba Fort on one side and Korlai Fort on another. You can also see the Korlai Lighthouse and Fort in the distance from here. Camel and horse rides are available at the beach.

**Together We Can – Make sure to carry your trash to the bins and clear up the beach if possible.

Revdanda Beach and Fort (158km 3h53m)

Beaches near Pune -  Revdanda Beach and Fort
Beaches near Pune – Revdanda Beach and Fort

This beach is a hot spot for photographers and especially wedding photographers. And this is for all the right reasons! There is an old fort here at Revdanda. The ancient walls with typical old stone surround the Revdanda village area. The walls also open out to the sea. The beach is gorgeous with the black sands. The sea, green hills, the fort wall and the old arch form together form a beautiful background for the shoots. The village is clean and tiny. Good homemade food is available near the fort area. The Fort is not in a great situation but there are some ancient inscriptions in Roman at the gate.

The local people may come demanding money from you to take photos here. The locals are a bit weird towards the tourists so you have to be a bit cautious. But the beach is beautiful. No one really knows about it but the place is getting a little traction nowadays due to social media.

Korlai Beach (164 km 4h)

Korlai is one calm and quiet beach hidden away in a corner. The beach has many different types of shells and corals, that are interesting to see. The Korlai Fort and Lighthouse are nearby and together form an interesting landscape. There are even benches facing the sea. The Korlai beach has grey sands and black rocks. The sands and rocks together form the best place for seascape photography. There are very few tourists here. The road is a bit difficult to reach by car.

There is the Korlai village adjoining to the beach. Life here is perfectly slow and the only occupation is fishing. There are no hotels here, but you can ask the locals for homemade food. And if you enquire you may find some secluded homestays to unwind. All along the beach, you can see the fisherwomen drying their fish. The people here speak in an interesting Portuguese dialect.

Korlai Fort and Lighthouse (163 km 4h)

Beaches near Pune -  Korlai Fort and Lighthouse
Beaches near Pune – Korlai Fort and Lighthouse

Korlai Fort was at one time described as the most magnificent fortress as strong as any other in the world. It was built to guard the bay and prevent anyone’s passage inland. The entrance from inland was guarded by a great ditch accessible only by a drawbridge. Today much of the fort is ruined, but it is a great viewing point to watch the area around. There are inscriptions in Portuguese at some places on the walls. There is a lighthouse which makes the visit more interesting.

The trek up to the fort and lighthouse is easy from the west side ie. from the seaside. It will take just 10-20 minutes of a walk, with the most amazing views of the sea below. This is one of my favourites from beaches near Pune and a must-visit when you are beaching near Alibaug. And if you want to see a real lighthouse near Pune you must visit Korlai beach and fort.

Tarabandar Beach (166 km 4h)

Beaches near Pune -  Tarabandar Beach
Beaches near Pune – Tarabandar Beach

This a rocky beach with almost no one around. It is very near to the main road, like almost adjoining the main road. It is not safe for swimming, due to the rocks. But you can just grab your drink and sit for hours on a rock and enjoy the breeze in your hair. During low tide, it is very enjoyable. You can go hunting for beautiful and unique seashells. But take care because the resident of the shell may not like it. He may come out and bite you!

Kashid Beach (172 km 4h16m)

Another best beach for water sports and swimming. They also provide freshwater to clear up after swimming in the salty waters. From banana boats, horse rides to jet skis and parasailing they have it all. Many tourists visit the beach. Some shops have added swings facing the beach for free for relaxing. This is a totally commercialised beach. There are many restaurants you can have food and a variety of fish. These activities and shops do not run in case of some weather warnings, so make sure to check before you go.

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Nandgaon Beach (180km 4h30m)

This is one of the cleanest beaches near Pune with darkest black sands. Very few people visit it as it is stashed between two famous beaches Murud Beach and Kashid Beach. This beach is truly the best Black Sands beach of India. The water here is very clean but the black sands may fool you. The waters look dark, the beach looks dark and everything is black around. Don’t have any negative thoughts in your head here, just enjoy the black and dark atmosphere. The beach has a gentle slope and is completely safe.

Murud Beach (181km 4h40m)

Murud Beach is for the ones who love building sandcastles. The sand here is a bit muddy and it forms perfect mortar for you castles. Apart from that, the beach is also a spot from where you take a ferry to the Janjira Fort and Padmadurg Fort. The beach is small yet a clean beautiful paradise. It also boasts activities like horse riding and horse cart rides along the beach. Another thing is you will find many seaside restaurants here. And they serve many unique dishes in seafood.

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Janjira Fort (181km 4h42m)

Beaches near Pune - Murud Janjira Fort
Beaches near Pune – Murud Janjira Fort

Janjira Fort is the best, well maintained and largest fort on an island near Murud Beach. It is well worth the visit if you are in this area. This was that one fort that couldn’t be captured by the Portuguese, Britishers and even the Marathas! Despite several attempts, the fort remained undefeated. When Shivaji Maharaj and even Sambaji couldn’t capture the fort, Sambaji built another fort near Janjira. He named it Padmadurg. More on that in next point.

The inside construction is no longer there today. But the views! Such a magnificent view of the salty waters all around. The boatsmen take you to the fort for nominal charges. Inside the fort are astonishingly fresh and sweet water wells. There are three to four walls to the fort around the seaside. These were made because if in any event, the sea came in, there would be at least the inner walls to protect them. There are numerous cannons all around the walls. These are made up of special metal which does not heat up even in the hottest summer sun. All in all a great place to visit and you can take a guide if you need one.

Padmadurg Fort (182 km 4h34m)

Padmadurg is another fort very near to Janjira. This is also an island fort and was built by Maratha king Sambhaji. From this fort, you have the views of the entire sea and also the Janjira Fort and the Murud coastline. Again a boatman can take you here. This fort also has some cannons with wheels and some other interesting historical artefacts. The fort is not as big as Janjira but is a great place to visit. It is also called as Kasa Fort as it was built on the sea rock called Kasa. The fort requires taking permission from the Customs/ Navy for a visit.

Adgaon Beach (163 km 5h7m)

Adgaon Beach is a wonderful unknown beach, alongside the Adgaon village. The village is a perfect one. There are waterfalls and little ponds all around in the rainy or post rainy season. You can get homemade food here with local delicacies which is the best ever. Don’t expect luxury hotels here, but you can find a homestay. There is no network here and this the best place for a digital detox! Come here to find your inner peace. The villagers are very kind towards the outsiders and fishing is the main occupation. The beach is stunning again with black sands and the most peaceful one.

Diveagar Beach (159 km 5h)

Beaches near Pune -  Diveagar Beach and Temple
Beaches near Pune – Diveagar Beach and Temple

This is one of the well known and well-commercialized beaches near Pune. The sands are black and the water is clear. There are various locals providing homestay options along with local homecooked food. Apart from the lovely beach, this village has a temple of Lord Ganesha. There is a huge gold idol of Lord Ganesha here, and it has an interesting story that the locals tell you. It so happened that one of the locals when farming, hit a box in the mud on his land. When he removed the box out and opened it there was this beautiful gold idol of Lord Ganesha which is centuries old. Today it is in their temple and you can visit it.

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Aaravi Beach (162 km 5h7m)

This is one of the most beautiful beaches near Pune close to Shriwardhan. You can visit Diveagar, Shriwardhan, Aaravi, Kondvil, Pebbles and Harihareshwar Beach all in one day. All are close together around the Diveagar Road. Aaravi is a non-commercial beach and you can follow the signs along the road to it. Not many people visit it which makes the place complete heaven.

Kondvil Beach (163 km 5h11m)

Beaches near Pune -  Kondvil Beach
Beaches near Pune – Kondvil Beach

This is one of the stunning black sands beaches near Pune, with the gently curved seashore, with some rocks and a backdrop of trees. There is a road alongside the beach, so if you want a beach drive then this is the place. It is like your very own private beach and there will be no one around. This is that kind of place where you have to keep your phones aside and be a part of nature.

Pebbles Beach (165 km 5h 41m)

Pebbles Beach is just what the name says. If you want to collect various coloured stones to remind you of the holiday then this is the place. There are pebbles strewn all over and trees that provide shade. The best place for photography and spending some time alone. You can make the best figurines out of the stone on the beach. This is one of the best beaches near Pune in the area which is the cleanest.

Shrivardhan Beach (159 km 5h)

Shrivardhan is one of the most stunning beaches near Pune with black/ grey sands beach near Pune. There are various homestay options and they also provide food. You have to try the local dishes the Modaks and Solkadi here. Take a stroll with the locals around their farms called ‘Madi’. These farms are full of coconuts, mangos, bananas and jackfruits. Some people even plant some of the spices among these huge trees. Needless to say, you have to ask for some fresh coconut water drink and make sure to buy the mangoes and jackfruits if you visit in summer.

Harihareshwar Beach and Temple (170km 5h16m)

Harihareshwar is that beach which has the most surreal landscape. Straight up its is the rockiest among all the beaches near Pune. The sea here is very wild. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva here. The pradakshina route around the temple is extremely scenic and goes out towards the sea. There is a narrow road that passes through a valley towards the beach.

Beaches near Pune - Harihareshwar Beach and Temple
Beaches near Pune – Harihareshwar Beach and Temple

Near the temple, there are some rocky parts with black rocks. These rocks have various patterns carved out by the salty water of the sea. There are black crabs in various crevices. You can go here only during the low tide, as during the high tide the sea fills up everything. Ask the locals and take safety measures. There is a large foot here near the sea in these rocks, which you can see during low tide. It is believed that this is God’s foot stamped in the stone here.

The sandy part of the beach is very small. But you will experience the true wilderness at the rocky parts. You should shop for pickles made from raw mango, jackfruit and such other stuff at the local markets here.

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Velas Beach (194 km 5h48m)

This beach in India is famous for the Olive Ridley turtle festival. During the months of summer from Feb to May little turtles come out from their shells and make their way towards the sea. This beach is indeed a great sight at that time, as thousands of turtles make their way into the sea. This is something you have to witness. After ensuring the safety of the turtles, the villagers celebrate the turtle festival every year. The beach is opened up only during the turtle festival. Please don’t spoil the beauty of the place and ruin the natural habitat of the Olive Ridley turtles found here. Where to stay near Velas Beach?

Kelshi Beach and Sand Dune (193 km 5h53m)

This is the most bizarre beach of all the beaches near Pune that will remind you of the power nature has. The sand dune at this place shows the aftermath of the oldest tsunami at the place. There is a huge sand dune here. Although the dune is eroded and collapsed in the sea, almost half of it is still present. In the sand, you can find old utensils and earthen pots. There is an old well which is full of sand and seashells. There are no facilities here whatsoever. But the Kelshi village is closeby. You can get homemade food with local flavours here. The beach is very clean and cool with mango, banana and coconut trees around.

Bonus: Harnai Beach, Fort and Lighthouse(211 km 6h)

This beach is a paradise for people who prefer seafood. There is a variety of seafood and all at exceptionally low prices. You can also visit the Harnai Fort too. The Harnai Fort is inside the sea. It takes 15-20 minutes to reach and a boatsman will take you. It is small but it also has a lighthouse. You can go here at the time of sunset when the sun will be low and you can enjoy the views from the top. There are no stay facilities here.

These are some of the unknown black sand beaches near Pune, India. If you know some more comment below to tell me! If you are a local at one of these beaches near Pune make sure to drop a comment about your home place. Also, connect with me on Instagram – I am constantly posting about new places near Pune.

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