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Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog Shepherd Traveller. You are most welcome here. I am Shraddha Maheshwari, based from Pune city in India. A 23-year-old solo female traveller. I have been to four countries so far and planning to visit many more soon. I also love domestic travel around India, when I am not travelling to foreign lands.

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Why the name Shepherd Traveller?

When I was young I came across a book called ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paulo Coelho. This book totally inspired me to be what I am today. Moreover, the shepherd boy Santiago from the book had all my heart. I dreamed of travelling and breaking boundaries just like him one day. So now you know why the name Shepherd Traveller.

How did I begin travelling?

So when I booked my plans finally for my first trip outside India, I was excited beyond imagination. But as they say ‘Adversity is the building block of success.’ The Indian airline (Jet Airways) I booked my tickets to Europe with went bankrupt just days after I made my bookings. With all my savings wiped out in one go, my first trip was helplessly cancelled.

Then began the continuous follow-ups for the refund of my airline tickets. All along the way I never heeded the urge to give up on my dream. After almost 4 months I received the refunds. Then I booked my trip all over again. And this time instead of just one country France, I decided to make the trip to 4 other countries – Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

What’s next?

Now for the next trip, I have France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland in my bucket list. But let us see what happens next! Until then, keep reading my blog, my stories and adventures in foreign lands, and also my tips for travelling on a budget.

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