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Five years ago, when I was reading the most celebrated book, the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho,

I came across the following extract :

“Well, I’d like to see their land, and see how they live”, said his son.

“The people who come here have a lot of money to spend, so they can afford to travel”, his father said. “Amongst us, the only ones who travel are shepherds.”

“Well, then I’ll be a shepherd!”

-The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I always had the urge to travel before, but I often wondered whether I had enough money to do it. This book just provided me with a straight solution which would let me live my dream.

It was simply in front of my eyes. If I wanted to travel the world I had to be the shepherd too.

Fast forward to today, Am I a shepherd?

No, I am not technically a shepherd. But I love travelling in the cheapest way possible, which makes me the modern day Shepherd Traveller. If you think you are a Shepherd Traveller too join me by subscribing or just head over to the Contact Page and submit your travel story.

This blog will consistently provide you with cheaper and unique destinations. We will also guide on how to travel to the most expensive places on the cheapest budget.

I am a female traveller from India and currently travelling the nearby places, that is South Asia. I aim to reach the other parts of the world soon.

Sharing is caring!